Corsica’s Domaine de Vaccelli: Sciaccarellu on Granite

Bonjour du Wild West du sud de la France, La Corse, as it is named in French, is often referred to as France’s Wild West, a rustic and relatively untouched natural landscape of rugged mountainous interior and stunning Mediterranean coastline comprised of sandy/rocky beaches and craggy eroded cliffs. An historically tumultuous range of invaders/settlers have … Continue reading

Jean Collet of Chablis: Young Romain is Makin’ Moves!!

Bonjour d’un jeune homme qui saute en avance pour decouvrir le passe, Romain Collet is wasting no time. Since being handed the reigns of his family’s deep holdings in some of Chablis’ finest terroirs, he has wavered not in his (r)evolutionary drive to bring out the parcellary best of it. I already knew of his … Continue reading

Justin Boxler of Niedermorschwihr: the Majesty of the Sommerberg

Bonjour des pentes follement raides de Niedermorschwihr, Today’s quixotic intro is the result of pure kismet, an unintentional collision of passion meets unlikely overlapping threads of circumstance. I have visited regularly with Jean Boxler of Domaine Albert Boxler over the past few years, as his Rieslings from the high elevation, decomposed granite soils of the … Continue reading

Marie Therese Chappaz : Queen of the Terraced Valais

Bonjour du royaume terracé de la Reine du Valais, In early June, I had the pleasure of finally visiting with one-of-a-kind soul sister Marie-Therese Chappaz of Fully, Switzerland. In just a few words, I can now affirm that it is a mindblowingly remarkable place to farm, and her wines pure class. From the soaring mountain … Continue reading

Stephane Tissot: Redefining the possible in the wild Jura

Bonjour d’une boule d’energie qui ne connait pas le mot quitter,                  One week ago Thursday, I spent a misty morning with the one-of-a-kind bundle of non-stop positive energy that is Stephane Tissot of tiny Montigny les Arsures in the Jura mountains.   Located roughly 60 miles east … Continue reading

Pierre Benetiere: Crazy Saint Vigneron de Condrieu

Bonjour des terres brunes et blondes de Cote Rotie et Condrieu, Of the many players in Bacchus’ brigade of devotees, I have never met one as quixotic and super human as Pierre Benetiere.  Born and raised in Condrieu in the northern Rhone, he fell in love with the intensely floral and airy charms of Viognier at … Continue reading

Vincent Paris Cornas: Old vine Syrah on Granite defined.

Bonjour du Monde Granitique de Cornas, Vincent Paris has truly come into his own.  This 40 year old native son of the steep Granite terraces of sleepy Cornas is making pure, unadulterated expressions of an essence of Northern Rhone syrah that bring to mind the greatness of traditionalist growers such as Thierry Allemand and Auguste … Continue reading

Roucas Toumba: Bouletin’s Simple Genius

Bonjour de la terre du Mistral, Today’s introduction takes us to sleepy medieval Vacqueyras, town of 100 inhabitants in France’s southern Rhone valley.  Nestled in between the towering Dentelles de Montmirail mountains to the east and the expansive Plan de Dieu plateau to its west, the town is often celebrated for its value relative to … Continue reading

Josephus Mayr: Mountain nectars of Lagrein and Schiava

Guten tag ancora in Italia? In the Dolomites of Alto Adige in Italy’s northeast, just east of Bolzano where the mountain walls narrow into a steeply sloped valley, flows the Eisack (German)/Isarco (Italian) river.  At the mouth of the valley on either side of the river lies the village of Kardaun/Cardano, whose dramatic terraced vineyards … Continue reading

2012 Von Hovel Scharzhofberg Spatlese

Here is the review from the Mosel Report: ” “Everything seems infused in this wine as there is nothing loud or dominating. Superbly fresh scents of anise, gooseberry, white peach, lime, mint, and grass give this wine an immediate elegant feel: nothing is too dominating or screaming. A remarkable feel of extract on the palate makes … Continue reading